Many people work directly with, or in close proximity to, dangerous chemicals in the course of their daily jobs. OSHA has strict facility standards related to safety and emergency preparedness. If you believe you have been improperly exposed as the result of negligence on the part of a company, this is not a case for Workers' Compensation. You may have a legal case worth pursuing.

But you don't have to be directly involved in a Hazardous Materials incident, to be affected by one. Many companies produce waste as part of their operations, and hazardous materials are transported throughout the country. Much of this waste is potentially hazardous to your health and can cause illness or serious medical issues. There are strict EPA regulations designed to prevent these incidents from occurring.

Unfortunately, not every company complies with these regulations; and sadly accidents do occur. People who work with, or live in close proximity to, the areas where such accidents may occur could have a claim for compensation should a violation or accident take place.

Physical symptoms may occur immediately after a single exposure to toxic substances, but may not be present for days, months, or even years after chronic exposure to low doses of hazardous materials.

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